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The Month Ive Learned To Hate Part 1

Winter has had a pattern in my life to be a little rough. I'm probably not the only one who's experienced things of this sort, but even so, it gets old after a while.

Two days ago my ex (whom i've become attracted to once again) "broke up" with her boyfriend. Without photoshopping anything she told me about him, he only seems to call or text when he's horny (his excuse was it was a way for him to still like her), he's planned multiple trips due for this month to see her (which were all canceled within a week), and he's always too busy to talk.

All of my ex's friends told her she needed to break up with him, and although I'm heavily reluctant to say the same thing to her, she told me at one point that she thought it was weird that I didn't say it too. I just don't feel comfortable telling a "taken" love interest to do something like that. It feels too much like I'm playing dirty.

Well come to find out just last night I was told that they're technically still together. Real cool. I don't want to hear that they've broken up and then two days later that it didn't actually happen. On the positive side that's apparently where it's headed because she knows it isn't going to last with the way he's acting.. But I'm wondering yet again what I'm doing here.

In a previous private entry I wrote a little about this. I think she's a great girl (we've bonded even more since that previous entry), but like mega had suggested, this girl sometimes really does seem like "trouble". I don't see much of that "trouble" now, but some days I wonder.

Today I'm going with her to meet her new house mom at 2:30. I've been a little excited for that, but it's also a little weird.. because she's acted a little weird today. Her international student friends are complete drama whores, so when they see us hanging out they start judging the situation like school children.

I'm apparently hated by them because I'm white. Well no ******* wonder the international students here only have international friends-- a lot of them are conceited as all hell. The other half of them I'd assume are too shy, but I've made a point to talk to a few international students here and there and it's been fine.

Yeah, a little bit of an angry tangent, I know.

Honestly though, why do some people feel college should be a repeat of High School? It seems drama is what the friends of my ex thrive on. A few of them are cool, but others really need a wake up call. My ex hates drama, fortunately, but these people she's around just bathe in it. I hear her complain about it from time to time. Apparently I'm her only non-international friend and coincidently the only friend who is against creating drama and conflict between people. I may blog about stuff like this, but it's only to vent a little-- this blog is intentionally somewhere semi hidden as well. If I wanted attention from people directly involved in this situation, I'd put it on my Facebook.. But that's just stupid.

Ugh, so sidetracked today.

To put the failtrain back on the tracks, it's like I can't be seen hanging out with her by any of her international student friends. It's pretty frusterating. I come to school in khakis and a damn nice shirt and one of them compares me to a hobo? Excuse me? I don't know a single international student here who could legally get a job while they're studying abroad here. Some of my ex's friends have gotten jobs at teriyaki places for $4/hr under the table.. That's a lot more hobo than what I make.

I really wish some of these people would stop acting so child like. I'd love to throw some insults back at them, really, I would.. But what does that solve? Nothing. But I think I'm spent on this train of thought for the time being. I'll pick up from here tomorrow or something.



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