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The One And Only

Many thanks to Jeremy and all the guys at Danger Den for helping me out with this one.

Ever since I saw the Green Monsoon that Martin's Liquid Lab reviewed, glowingly might I add, I knew that this was the Bay Res that I wanted. Problem was that that green res that Martin had was not quite the right color green, and it's almost impossible to buy a Monsoon Premium of any color these days.

Anyway, sent a few emails to DD and included some pics of my case and sleeving. First response was that the Green Monsoon was unique, one of a kind, and it would be difficult to mix a custom batch of Delrin. So I asked if even a black one would be possible, maybe with some green lettering? To my surprise, almost two weeks later, I got an email and a link to pay for a monsoon. Jeremy's instructions merely said "put the word Green in the comments block" No pics, No explanation, Normal Price... Below you can see what showed up at my door All I can say is Wow. They matched my color scheme perfectly.

I haven't gotten to see it in person yet. Still have 4 months left of my Army tour in Egypt. These are some pics my wife took. And to her credit she did unbox it for me on Skype. I was stoked!


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