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The Package Returns

Today, was almost like any other craptacular day in my week of heavy depression and feeling like crap. I was going through quite a hard time this week, however my extremely caring girlfriend helped me through it with ease as if it were nothing. God, dunno what i'd do without her. Anyway, the week was starting to look up as of yesterday.. and I was right.

I stayed up late playing WoW after work last night, then watched about 8 episodes of Claymore, and went to bed around 3am. Woke up at 1 and hung around the house. about 2:30pm, 30 minutes before I was due at work my doorbell rang...

Waddaya know. The RMA of the Corsair HX620W that I won off of Grunion was back and replaced. I opened it, and I had gotten an HX650W instead I of course am happy as can be now, I've been grinning all day from the time I went to work knowing what lay waiting for me at home till the time I walked through the door an hour ago and hooked up my new PSU.

And thus marks the beginning of my upgrading mission :3

Next to come to my computer:
-500GB-1TB HDD,
-25" Monitor
-Fermi or one of the higher end 5xxx cards depending on Fermi's definite specs when its release time
-Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro
-2 more GBs of ram
and last but not least...

some Overclocking once thats said and done.

I hope to have this all done by May. ^_^ Lets get to it!


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