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The Path Of Getting Owned

I love RTS games, I love them alot, I own about 15 of them I could name them off but that would be redundant. Anyway I love them alot, I play them pretty much everyday variously. But all of it is single player, because everytime I go online and play multiplayer I get destroyed really bad.

I can barely do anything before I either get rushed or by the time I am ready to attack the guy is so massive and turtlish that my endless waves of whatever I am throwing at him, just die and then he comes and kills me. I have yet to win a multiplayer game on any game I have played, although I came really close on a game of Age of Empires III but that was mainly because I had a really good teammate.

I really wish i could play only RTSs because they are quite fun, but death is not fun, and just gets annoying really fast.

Well that is my little talk. And yes, I just got destroyed again, this time in a game of Supreme Commander. Damn Monkeylords.


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