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The Phenom Phenomena

So I got my new Phenom II x4 965 a week ago right? Took it out of the box, slathered a small amount of MX-4 on it, placed it into my Foxconn Destroyer in place of an old Phenom x4 9850 BE which I had overclocked to it's max stable 3.2ghz and then mounted the CM Hyper 212 Plus to it.

OC'd to 4 ghz via minor volt boost of 1.39 and multiplier to 20x200, RAM set to auto 1066mhz and 1.8.

It artifacted.



So I go into the BIOS and change everything from the bclock to the voltages to the RAM timings several times - hitting the little yellow and black reset and clear CMOS buttons as I went - all to no avail. Then I thought to myself: What if my RAM has to be set to DDR2800 and 1.8v to be stable with 4ghz?

I can has stable? Yesh. I believe so.

Now, to OC the HT and boost the RAM AND the CPU to a respectable speed alltogether - but not until I get more MX-4.


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