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The Quot New Quot Multiplayer Model

So I finished Bioshock 2 single player last night and decided to give the multiplayer a go. I think like it more than anything I've played since perhaps Quake 3...I just like sci-fi settings more than the Modern Warfare settings, I guess.

But what I have to get used to is the way multiplayer in BS2 has "levels", much like MW does. Back in the good old days, you just jumped into a match and everyone was equal, save for your personal skill. These days, it's "normal" for a multiplayer game to start you off at "level 1", or whatever. In BS2's case, that means you get one loadout with two weak weapons, two plasmids (magic spells), and zero gene tonics (buffs). You have to earn points playing multiplayer matches to unlock more weapons, loadouts, plasmids, and tonics.

Well that's just fine and dandy when the game is first released...everyone is at level 1. Even 4-6 weeks into it, there will always be people around at roughly your level to play with. But I'm coming into this game waaaaay late, and there just aren't that many level 1 people out there anymore. In fact, I have seen none appear in any lobby in the handful of hours I have played for the last two days. So I've been placed into matches as the n00b in a roomful of maxed out characters. And in the game, I'm using a pea shooter against rocket launchers.

Maybe the developers want this inbalance, maybe it's one way they try to encourage purchasing the game new when it's at full price, a practice I have all but ceased. Even if it's unintentional and they were of a mind to "fix" this somehow, I'm not sure I would know what to do...pehaps keep stats on the gaming community, and when the low end of a statisical range is no longer level 1, increase the starting equipment to whatever the "realistic" low level is? I don't know.

To their credit, no one is dumping me or calling me n00b or anything. So this isn't a complaint per se, just an observation that I had not really stumbled upon before.

By the way, Bioshock 2 was hella fun. It took me a while to get into it, I wasn't so sure about being the Big Daddy, and I hated Big Sisters for half the game until I was actually able to fight them without dying 50 times. So maybe I'll get the Minerva's Den DLC, I've read a lot of reviews that it's actually more engrossing than the main story. But at $10, that's steep...I got the main game for $10! I need a Windows Marketplace version of the Steam Summer Sale...


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