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The Reason I Live

I should not be alive today. Drugs and sheer stupidity should have taken my life a long time ago.

At the worst I was shooting Oxycontin everyday and just barely making ends meet. All of my friends were overdosing and going to jail around me but yet I would not stop. My life was a total wreck, I stopped going to college because drugs and what I wanted became more important. I didn't care about anyone except for myself.

That’s when the slap in the face happened. I got busted for selling within 1000 feet of a school. I was looking at 20 years and life in jail according to the charges they wanted to give me. I remember freaking out in the jail cell, clawing at the floor thinking I knew this was coming, my life is over, this is it. Then something inside me started begging God, “God if you get me out of this jail cell, I will do whatever you want, my life will be yours.” At that time I had no idea of what I just said or what it would bring to my life.

I was released a week later with both my charges getting deferred. (Totally wiped from my record, which is unheard of with felonies.) I had the opportunity to go to Teen Challenge of the Dakotas which the court said was another treatment center. ( I have been to at least 10 in my life span so far.) It was there that God became real in my life. Not some religious garbage. But a real relationship of love. All the pain from my life, the shame, the hate, God took all of it away and gave me a heart for others. The hole in my heart that I knew was there my whole life, was finally filled.


 I worked for Teen Challenge of the Dakotas for 6 years. In which as you would guess I was the IT guy as well as Video Production, Publications, and Counselor. I ministered to the same broken, hurt people that I once was.

I also worked as a Young Adult Pastor which was a huge new direction for my life, and I got to minister to those people before they go down that long dark road of destruction.


Now I am doing my dream job. I own Lutro0 Customs (www.lutro0customs.com) and I get to sleeve and mod everyday and get paid for it. But most of all I have more time to invest into the community. If God had not changed my life around I would of never been able to have such an awesome job.

And everyday I still get to minister to people online, and start to see hope in there lives and gain freedom. It seems God took me up on that deal I made with him in that jail cell.

Looking back at it all, I would be dead or in jail for the rest of my life because that was the road I was headed down. But God saved my life and He’s the reason I live today.

I write this not to offend anyone, but to let you know more about me and to share the one thing that has ever brought true happiness to my life. Because just as much as computers are a huge part of my life, I wouldn't even be here to help out in this community if it weren't for God saving my life. But not only that, God has the same love and grace for you should you choose to ask for it. If you want to know more about this please feel free to PM me as I would love to talk to you!

Please feel free to PM me if you have questions or comments.

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good for you man!
This is great stuff, and very inspirational. I, too, had my fling with that stuff, but my life was headed in the wrong direction and I had to take stock before I was well and truly f*cked. I'm glad you got out, and wish you the best.
Just now seen this. Nice write up of yourself bro!
Damn, this made me cry. Very nice write up, I'm glad to see you're good now!
What a turning, great accomplishment.

The best rewards in life are the ones you give others.
Thank you for sharing this, I take a lot from this. As god has changed my life also.
I watched several of your youtube videos and even subbed you there, (SgtDreTecKeGamer) and when I saw you make mention of being a Pastor, something inside me said that something dramatic occurred in your life and I could see it your face. In one of your youtube videos, I had a sort of an idea but was just going to keep my thoughts to myself. And when someone takes their own time out of their day to make videos and as long and detailed as yours are, that speaks more to what kind of a person you are, anyone can slap a 5 or 10 min video together and just leave it at that. But it takes much more to do what you have done from what little I have seen, it takes heart & soul to spend that much time to help others out that you don’t even know. Please don’t get me wrong here, but I’m one that judges a man by content of his character and of his deeds, that is what speaks more than any words ever can, I’m happy and Glad for you and your family that you found the love passion that our father has bestowed upon you and you deserve congratulations as well as being married to your wife that I’m sure helped in your recovery. May heart stay strong, healthy and true, GOD BlESS you and I thank you for the videos on cable modding.
You're a great person Mike. It looks like you have finally found your place in this world. I was never involved with drugs but I heard plenty of stories from around the hood and outside. Doing these kind of transitions is never easy but you made it! There's no greater satisfactory than helping people who are in the same situation as you once were. It's not even remotely close to what you had but, I for one, didn't like math. for YEARS. I neglected it and kept out of college, looking jealous at my friends. After a long time I finally took on a different route, understanding it's not as huge as obstacle as I thought. Later on I got a job at the pre-college I studied at, as an afternoon math mentor. I've been doing that for 3 years now and each semester that passes it makes me feel huge satisfactory as people I mentored get to appear on the high-score table of grades.
Inspiring Tale. You are a True Testament to the Power of Belief in a Higher Power.
I love reading testimonies like yours, where people's lives do a complete 180 degree turn. God has a plan in your life, and your testimony will surely help many, many people get through the same life-threatening situation you were in before. I've also had a very personal experience that brought me closer to God which truly changed my life, so I can relate to you. Stay strong brother.

God bless you and your family.
Fantastic and amazing story of the great power of prayer. Thanks for being a youth leader, (as a HS student) Youth leaders are far and few but so inspiring, thanks for being there for other kids. God bless
thanks guys, I love you all and please feel free to get in contact me with me. there is not anything i would not do to help a brother. <3 Lutro0
great ot hear that soome one that WAS a druggo is now doing what they love and ie a paster  spreading the word of your god  man the big fella upp there must have thought it was a good daeal aye
This was an awesome read. Reminds me a lot of myself several years ago. Was using anything and everything I could get my hands on just to feel numb. Also got busted at a young age, and eventually turned my life around. Now I have a beautiful infant daughter and couldn’t be happier. I just need to find myself a career out of my hobby, instead of working a position strictly for the salary..
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