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The Routing Of Wiring

This last Saturday night I spent about 3 hours or more rerouting all my cabling and wiring in my tower, most of that was spent trying to figure out how to do it. Needless to say, the interior is much cleaner now and has much better air flow.

I had an idea that Sunday morning, after having read several reviews regarding the testing of air cooled cpu heatsinks, I noticed they all had one thing in common, a controlled environment. It didn't matter what the ambient temperature was, most were ~24-28C, they were all controlled, this was the one thing I didn't have. I figured out that if I couldn't control the room temperature with the same precision as they did, I'd do the next best thing, turn a fan on high and direct it at my tower. Well what do you know, it worked, my average temperature after running a prime95 torture test was 54C after 3 hours. At the same time I was running a FurMark stability test on my GPU (71C average). I do believe I may have this stock frequency temperature issue resolved now.

Ok, now with the ambient being 27C (80F), the cpu idling is running at 34C (93F), that's just 7C above ambient. The cpu at load is 54C (129F) and the maximum temperature for this cpu per AMD is 62C (144F). Remember I have an external tower, oscillating fan going full blast at my case to get these numbers. So at this point I would have to say LET THE OVERCLOCKING COMMENCE.


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