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The Rules Of The Game

I've decided to blog the rules of my little giveaway. It will just give people more time to read them and comment on them if need be


1 - DO NOT DELETE POSTS NO MATTER WHAT. Your posts need to stay where they are so that other people’s posts stay where they are.
2 - USA ONLY: As in you will be giving me an address in the 50 United States I will be sending the particular game to.
3 - Must have 12 Rep or have a Join Date of January 2010 or earlier.
4 - One prize per OCN member. If you win then don’t post after that for any reason
5 - NO back to back Posts. If you post, you better make sure someone else has posted before you post again.
6 - If you win a game by back to back posting then you didn’t. It will go to the next poster that is not you.
7 - No Trades [None that involve me anyway. I don't want to know about it.]
8 - If you didn’t mean to win a game, you still did.
9 - HOW TO WIN: To win a game your post needs to have the post number I say it does.

10 - Do not feed thegreatsquare’s Rep. I don’t want Rep that cheaply.

DATE and TIME: Sunday, July 4th [Time: ~1:00p ET/~10a PT]


The GRAND PRIZE requires an ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPH of something great about America. A scenic landscape/cityscape, a historic building/place, etc.

I know what you're thinking... you're thinking "how about a good looking American chick"

To this I say, "OK, but she has to holding a sign that says:

"I Love OCN"


...also keep the photo rated PG. [...ok, ok... PG13]

To give you some incentive, the GRAND PRIZE is: Bioshock 2: Special Edition [No, not the one with the Big Daddy... that was cancelled]


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