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The Silverstone Tj 10

In this post, I've decided to write about the Silverstone TJ-10.

I would call myself a case modder, and I'm constantly thinking up new ideas and designs, so I always find looking at high end cases released by companies interesting. On top of that, the Silverstone TJ-07 was used by two companies in CPC's Dream PC competition, and I've always compared Silverstone to Lian Li in terms of case quality.

The pictures of the TJ-10 were shown on VR-Zone yesterday (27th September in USA time though) and can be seen here:


Based on these pictures, I see a quality case. It's obviously (hopefully) got a different intake system to most cases - looking at those I would say the air is pulled in from the front left hand side, and then exhausted at the back and top. A single 120mm at the back is pretty unspectacular, but it looks like 2 x 120mm can be fitted on top which would make this is a very nice case if a dual 120mm radiator could fit there.

Personally, the front just doesn't do it for me over the TJ-07...then again I never was a fan of the TJ-09...why bother with a door, and put those expensive fancy fan controllers with flashing lights and nice dials (like my Scythe Kama Meter) out of sight? There's also the risk of snapping the door off, and the front just looks boxy, while the TJ-07 is sleek without being OTT...

In the pictures, I couldn't help noticing a small piece of paper, behind which are what looks like a flap hiding the ports like in the TJ-09. Speaking of the TJ-09, the TJ-10 looks extremely similar, apart from the door and the fact that I can't see a side vent on the right hand side through the left hand side one...

Anyway, I decided to dig deeper and see what I could uncover. Amazingly, while VR-Zone presented the case as something new, the TJ-10 is already on sale! So, let's take a closer look at it now I have ALL the details...

I used this review as a reference:


According to the review, the latching mechanism is "rather weak". One black mark instantly - if I'm going to have a door, I want it to thump shut like a Lian Li, not clip shut like some cheap generic rip of - especially when I'm paying £140 for a case!

Turns out the TJ-10 does have vents both side, with the same holes that the TJ-09 had...why put holes in a case? That always confused me, but at least it's a clever intake method. As mentioned in the review, there is no eSATA port which is a bit of a disappointment as I'm starting to see more and more eSATA devices around.

Looking at the pictures, the case is definitely set up for watercooling, but I am still not sure if it would be possible to fit a 120.2 radiator on the top...if it is, why would Silverstone put holes for watercooling tubes in the back? I'll have to check out some project logs some time I guess.

Having the PSU at the bottom is becoming a trend, but I feel it's got its downsides and its upsides. Motherboards are still designed with cables coming from a PSU at the top, not at the bottom, so cable clutter is increased. A hot graphics card which blasts hot air downwards, combined with a hot PSU with a weak fan which can't move enough of the air, would also lead to a unstable system. Silverstone have at least tried to get around this, by adding feet and mesh to allow a PSU to take in air from under the case, although if the case is on carpet then cleaning the mesh will need to take place pretty regularly to allow the air to get through. The feet themselves remind me of those sold by KustomPC which I adore, so top marks there.

The special hard drive cage idea is excellent, but the airflow becomes confusing. Air is sucked up from the bottom and over the hard drives by a fan set between the two cages, while the main case chamber intake is set back from the hard drive cages and pulls its air in through the holes in the side of the case. The hard drives all have vibration dampening mounts which is a great idea, although they look a bit thin and unsubstantial...

Two fans are supplied, the rear and the side, while two top fan mounts and the front fan mount need to be filled by you...I can't find clarification of whether the side fan mount is the main intake fan or whether the front one is, but I get the feeling the side intake is the one supplied and the one between the hard drives is left empty and described as the front fan. The fans supplied are 21db supposedly, although no air is pushed - I don't want to start moaning at fan companies for lying about noise/cfm specs in a post on a case so that can wait for a few days!

A removable motherboard tray pretty much finishes off the case - another nice feature. So, to round up. I would say this is another quality idea from Silverstone - high quality aluminium with plenty of space (its 207mm wide, 644mm deep, and 521mm high). Various features, including the pre-cut watercooling tube holes and the vibration dampeners for the hard drives, are great ideas, although it is unclear how well these have been carried out...

Anyone want to send me the case to find out?


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