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The Story Of My Case

HI everyone !!!! This post was only to show off my case and the story who came with I just find out what was the name of my case.... after a loooooonnnnggggg search (maybe 10 min XD). So i'm going to start with the story of my little baby ... One day i went to my local computer shop, if i remember it was in July 2009 (one week before my birthday), like the usually i was looking at everything then i saw something on the floor who was looking like a transparent case in like thousand pieces, so i asked the guy if that thing was a case, he said yes, then i asked how much and he told me, after thinking for about 2 min looking at nothing, he said 25$... He had not even finish his word that I already had the money in my hand ... So me and my friend came back home with thousand of pieces, cleaned all the pieces, assembling the case ( without manual because there was not any manual coming with it) that step took us about 30 min. About 2 year later i founded what was the brand name of my case :
- Mutant Mods 6 Bay Clear / Blue Acrylic Mid Tower ATX Case
Made By :
Released in 2005
Weight about : 18 pounds empty (now he's about 30 pounds, full of OC stuff)
He have :
- x3 - 3½ Bay ( 2 inside for HDD and 1 external for floppy )
- x3 - 5¼ External Bay
- Standard ATX or Micro-ATX
- 7 Expansion slot
- x3 80mm Fan Holes
And the release price was between 230$ - 260$

So for the overall is not the best gaming case on the market but I'm pretty to have this little baby with I'm continually adding pieces inside, he was my real first build and I'm proud of what I've done

Thanks for reading that little story and Sorry for my bad English (I'm French...).



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