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The Straw Bale Build

So last Monday I was invited to help out with the construction of a straw bale BBQ shelter at a local community gardens. As I had never come across a building like that before I decided to go along to give a hand. When I got there I found that the foundation of bricks and lime mortar had already been laid out. With quite a sizeable gap between to rows of brick reason to aid in the water drainage I was told.

So on to making wooden stakes shore up the bales which where just lengths of found wood about a foot or two long. Then the stacking of the bales 6 courses of bales later and we had three walls at a height of around 7 foot.

Next week I hope to go back and help with the roof and then the lime plastering.

Some of the other volenteers working on making the stakes.

Finsihed stakes.

What you have to do when it starts raining.

Here are two short videos one of the stake making and the other of the walls.

film_go.pngYouTube- stake making
film_go.pngYouTube- Straw Bale Building


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