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The True Gamer Vs The Fake

In my last post on the nature of gaming I spoke about the quote; "A man chooses, a slave obeys". This quote comes from a popular PC/Console game set in a dystopic underwater world. This quote got me thinking about the differences between PC gaming and console gaming. I consider myself primarily a PC gamer with consoles being a main stream imitation of PC gaming.

It can be considered that a true gamer is a PC gamer. Why is this? Because to be a PC gamer it requires hassle. Firstly the person must have a decent computer to run the latest games, yet a console is simple and can run all the games developed for it. Secondly you insert a disk into a console and play the game, yet with a PC you have to undergo an installation process that can be gruelling. Due to the fact that consoles are easier it makes them more mainstream. The PC gamer on the other hand is a dedicated person to the art of gaming who will overcome technically challenging installation processes and technical complications in order to achieve the ultimate enlightenment of success. This is what truly makes a gamer. There is a large difference between the 'fake gamer' (console gamers) and the 'true gamer' (PC gamer) in their dedication to gaming and overcoming difficulties resulting in a utopia of enjoyment.

Over the years of my gaming adventures I have noticed the obsession PC gamers have in comparison to a console gamer. For example a PC gamer would be obsessive about all the possible statistics, data, items, weapons and guides ect ect. The PC gamer would use the vast World Wide Web to gain knowledge of their chosen game to maximize their ability to play that game. Yet a console gamer lacks this obsession and as a result gaming is just a past time to them not a lifestyle.

The Opinion of gaming

It is of my personal opinion that: Console gaming is a simplified version of PC gaming, with a simplified version of a PC in order to mains stream gaming. I then believe that a PC gamer can play consoles, but to be a dedicated PC gamer must spend most of their time on a PC. Of course this is just my opinion, and all the console gamers I know of course disagree. But then again they know nothing of PC gaming!!!

Will consoles be the death of PC gaming? Will the mainstream takeover of consoles be enough to convert the industry from the beautiful world we created for the not technically challenged people? But inevitably is console gaming going to benefit the whole gaming industry?

My final question is now; what are your views on the ‘true’ vs. the ‘fake’ gaming?


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