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The Vintage Audio Nuts Setup

So most of you guys know I'm relatively interested in audio. I've got a particular sweet spot for vintage equipment, especially wood gear. And since most of you have not seen my rig, I figured I'd post it up for all to enjoy. Some of these pics are quite old, and since they were taken the Kenwood receiver has been killed, but the Sansui's are still crankin strong, even if I do need to recap the crossovers. The Sui's are SP-3000s, 5 way 6 speaker 60lb monsters circa 1980.


I'll try to take more pictures tommorow, and get in some of the Yamaha gear. I have a matching tuner/integrated amp combo. CA-800 and CT-800, respectively. Solid wood cabinets and brushed aluminum faceplates? Heck yea.


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