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The Winds Of Magic

“Ah, yes ... the Winds of Magic. What a laughable name – do you really think you can force something as complex and powerful as the physical manifestation of Warhammer online Power leveling into the boundaries of your feeble mortal mind? Magic is the manifestation of Light and Shadow, of Death and Life! You cannot possibly comprehend the nature of Magic without accepting that all Magic, and subsequently everything that exists, is a creation of pure, raw Chaos. I SHALL NOT FORSAKE YOU, O GREAT CHANGER OF WAYS!”
Heinrich Etzel, during his trial on counts of heresy and for plotting to destroy the village of Bogenhafen. Convicted of heresy and burned at the stake two hours later.
This week, the German Community Manager, Hadi Al-Begami, once again dabbles in all things supernatural, focusing on what the men of the Empire call Winds (or Lores) of Magic. If you want to find out more about the works of the seemingly uncontrollable a War power leveling that, in a way, rules every aspect of existence in the Old World, read on – but be warned, for many a man who has sought this knowledge died an awful death in the pits of The Inevitable City.


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