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The World Is A Funny Place

Okay, so in like December I sent an application in to a college where all my friends went. I figured I did good enough at my community college to transfer there no question asked. Wrong. I got denied, said they would 'reevaluate it' after I got more credits. Okay no big deal time for 2nd Semester at the worlds most lame community college.

After 3 months of utter boredom I noticed a flyer outside of my math class. It was an Army recruitment flyer. I read it and took one with. Long story short I enlisted. Then I finished my last month at community college, completely forgot about my application being reevaluated after I got more credits, as you see I didn't really remember how many they said I needed? haha oh well.

But just this weekend, saturday actually I was up at the Casino with my Dad hanging out winning some money, playing Black Jack and I get a text from my Mom, it says 'You got accepted to WSU' . I had a '?' moment and then remembered about what they said when they first denied me. But yeah, low and behold I got accepted and will go there (probably) after I get out of the Army (if I do leave, who knows might love it) Also, they have ROTC at the college, so that's what I'll probably be doing after my 3 years but who knows, lot can happen in 3 years.

Sure is weird how things work in this world... Next three years will be interesting, and should be fun.


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