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Thermalright Vga Cooling On A 4890

Well the results are in and lets just say that it was a much more involved upgrade than I originally thought that it was going to be. While I had originally planned on removing my cpu heatsink to apply MX-3 to it, I had no idea that the VRM-R2 would make contact with my 120x38mm Panaflo (which I had also planned on making a shroud for). Ultimately, I changed the fan from a push to a pull configuration and based upon what I have read in the forums here, that's going to cost me 1-2C in the end. I did think that I could place the whole thing in my lower PCI-E x16 2.0 slot, nope, the gpu heatsink fans hit the top of the PSU and wouldn't allow insertion into the slot.

I did add 2 110cfm blue LED CoolerMaster fans to the top of my case as exhaust fans, hopefully these will help with getting rid of some of the heat generated by the T-Rad2 GTX exhausting into the case instead of out the back like the reference cooler. So the T-Rad2 GTX has 2 92x25mm 26cfm 1500rpm Thermalright fans supplying cool air to the heatsink and the VRM-R2 has a 80x25mm 25cfm 2000rpm MadDog fan blowing cool air from the front through the cpu heatsink out the back . That doesn't appear to be making that big of a difference atm.

I must say that with the GPU (DispIO) & GPU VRM load temperatures I'm impressed, but the GPU (MemIO) & GPU (Shader) load temperatures were pretty close to where they started.

Just a little bit of information before I list temperatures. The T-Rad2 GTX fans are at ~40% & VRM-R2 fans are at 100% during idle, while all fans are at 100% during load.

GPU (DispIO) - 57C/81C
GPU VRM - 54C/103C
GPU (MemIO) - 62C/85C
GPU (Shader) - 58C/85C

T-Rad2 GTX & VRM-R2 with MX-3 IDLE/LOAD:

GPU (DispIO) - 48C/73C
GPU VRM - 42C/75C
GPU (MemIO) - 53C/84C
GPU (Shader) - 48C/80C

I've gone ahead and attached screenshots of before idle/load and after idle/load. I hope that this can be of some help to someone else who decides to do this upgrade.

I do have an email out to Thermalright about the white washers between the screws and graphics card right now. They seem to be "floating" there (maybe 2mm more or less) and making no contact with the card. I followed the included directions and even verified on their website this was correct (nut, black rubber washer, graphics card, white plastic washer, screws, heatsink, fans), but it seems to me that the plastic washers and the rubber washers should be swapped.


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