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This Is How Gay My Parents Are

alright so about 9 months after i graduated high school, my parents told me that i needed to start paying them to live at home since i wasn't going to school. which i understood and was fine with, gave me motivation to actually keep a job and not be a bum. at the time my brothers (who are 22 and 24 now) lived at home as well. and we were all paying...or so i thought.

turns out my older brother is the only one who was paying my mom other than myself. my twin brother hasn't given my parents a cent. for anything. i didn't find this out til about 2 months ago. so the second my mom asked me for rent, i asked "what about ryan, did he pay you?" and she gave me a surprised look like one of those "omg how does she know?" looks and was like "yeah he's all caught up"...i knew she was lying but i gave it to her anyways because i figured she probably needed the money for something.

so last month my mom raised the rent to 250..for no reason. i didn't pay it. so tonight my dad asks me if i owe my mom money and this is how the conversation went.

me: yes but i'm not paying her because ryan doesn't pay her and it's not fair that you guys take advantage of me and make him give you nothing
dad: well you have to take that up with your mother.
me: i'm not trying to be a ***** but i know ryan wouldn't lie to me about it and it's just not fair

so we get home, i go upstairs and pretend to go into my room. my dad storms into the living room where my mom is and says "she says she's not paying until he pays so i'm going to go tell him right now that starting october 1st that he has to start paying us 200 dollars blah blah"
so he comes upstairs and tells him and then i go out of my room to go to the bathroom and he's like "i just told ryan he has to give us money so you can give us money now too"

like...are you serious?
yes telling ryan to give you money now totally makes up for the thousands of dollars i have given you over the past 3 years.

then my dad said "if you don't like our rules you can go find somewhere else to live"
and i said "yeah, already did...moving out in like 2 weeks"
then he's like "well fine then, why don't you just clean your room and get out?"

honestly i cannot wait til i move out of this house. the funny thing is that my mom doesn't even want me to leave, yet she does this crap to me and takes advantage of me? how the hell does that make sense? can't wait til my mom calls me after i leave and is all upset about how i never come over for dinner or anything. i'm probably just going to laugh in her face.

sorry about the rant


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