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This Is Why Im A Member Of Ocn

in early 2005, i had some pretty bad crap happen to me. i guess looking back on it, it wasn't THAT bad...but at the time, i felt like it was the end of the world. i was really depressed and out of it, i think i ended up losing around 25-30lbs. i spent most of my time on my computer. my very crappy computer. i don't even remember what was in it....but it was honestly, my life. as lame as that sounds.

at the time my brother was extremely addicted to counterstrike: source. i made fun of him ALL the time for it. but then one day we went over to his girlfriend's friend's house (i was friends with his girlfriend) and they all went on the roof to smoke something illegal. i wasn't into that so i sat on the computer and started playing the game of cs:s that they left open.

after that, i was addicted as well. my computer ran it like crap though, i think i got about 15-20 fps. (and this was just 1.6, because i didn't dare to try and run the source engine on my machine) eventually i got sick of the slowness, and wanted to upgrade...my brother ended up buying a new computer and selling me his dell desktop for like $250. this was great. first thing i did was upgrade the video card for more power...to a 6600gt agp card. then i also had to upgrade the power supply. this was fine for awhile. but then eventually i got so infatuated that i wanted to try building my own computer. this was pretty scary for me...but in the middle of november of 2006...i had completed my first build.

it was a socket 939 system, it had a 4400+ x2, 7900gs, asus a8n-sli deluxe (i was going to go sli...but never did) 2 gigs of ram, 250gb hard drive, 450w power supply. this thing was so fast to me. it could run basically any game i threw at it, at the time. but then about a year later, my video card ended up dying. by that time, i had my dell laptop with a 8600m in it, so i didn't care...i could game and thats all that mattered. but eventually i got bored...and wanted a desktop again after i built one for my boyfriend.

i acquired parts over a few months...and eventually it all came together. and that was about in march/april of last year. since then i have upgraded everything that was originally in my system other than the mobo and the power supply. i built my system around the same time i joined here....so my itch to upgrade was no coincidence.

i love this website. it's pretty much endless amounts of information for me. although i am not the smartest person in the world, i seem to know a little bit about a lot of things. there are a lot of people here who know a lot about a lot of things, i'm not one of them...yet. but soon enough, it should come. like i said, this site is endless amounts of information.

this hobby i have is not a common hobby...well not for women at least. i actually don't even have any friends in real life that share the same interests as me. it's pretty weird...but at the same time i kind of like it. i like how everyone here has at least one thing in common (well mostly everyone, i shouldn't count the people who join for stupid reasons...or that are only here to troll and not share information).... i like how people here get my dorky jokes and whatnot haha

i'm really starting to feel like an actual member of this community now and not just some number. it's pretty nice to be a part of something like this.

(sorry for how long this is haha)


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