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This Summer

Going to the USA this summer, last two weeks of July (16/17th to 31st). Staying in Florida (for the third time )

This is going to be fun filled summer for me personally, for a few reasons. Firstly, yes the Incredible HULK coaster at the Islands of Adventure will prove to be an excellent start to an altogether short holiday. Also, and more importantly, I will be shopping for the majority of my computer components.

Had a look at CompUSA as when I was in New York they had a huge amount of computer parts, all up-to-date and brand new.

Recently came across Performance-Pcs, which someone here on OCN pointed out was only a few miles from where I will be staying, so had a look at what they sell.

After a long hard think and a good few weeks of talking with people and researching stores online, I have decided that I will be getting most of what I need from Performance-Pcs.

My rig will be orientated around the HULK theme, and the components can be found under my other blog - 'Project HULK 2010'.


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