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This Time Of Year Sucks And Heres Why



Just two examples of why we, as a society, are all 100% boned.

Seriously, what the hell. Is Christmas really about trampling that poor SOB charged with greeting people entering the store in your crusade for the last Wii, in between bouts of suing store Santas because they're saying "Ho Ho Ho"? And must we honestly get into fistfights over the last poorly made action figure your kid's just gonna throw away in March in favor of a new hot wheels set?

This is a disgrace. Humanity, as we know it, is doomed. I've quit celebrating "x-mas" all together...hell I can't even call it Christmas without some PC toolbox getting his panties in a wad over it.

What happened to people being able to forget their differences, if only for a week or two, and being nice in the interim. What happened to giving that hobo you normally ignore a hot meal in a somewhat nice diner somewhere?

Fer cryin' out loud, THEY STOPPED WORLD WAR ONE IN IT'S TRACKS FOR CHRISTMAS! Every year it raged, both sides would cease fire on the 25th. Hell, there were even a few stories of soldiers from both sides celebrating with each other. For one day, they stopped trying to blow each other to smithereens so they could share stories of home, hot beverages and maybe the odd gift or two. Yet today, we fistfight over crappily made chinese junk? We trample innocent people over Wii's?

While you're at it, check out this article from last year's Black Friday. It parrots the above trampling, but it also highlights that a pregnant woman was also trampled in that same crowd.

Sometimes, I wonder if America would be better off if we flat banned this holiday and got it over with......


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