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This Week I Giving The Mailman A Lumbago

Yesterday I realized that I've been overly impulsive on purchases. I don't want to brag or anything, but I've got almost a grand in items coming in this week (not all for me though), and it's got me very excited. Let's list them shall we?

  • First, probably the biggest box of them all and the most anticipated, is my new BMX, a We The People Addict. I've been riding BMX for... 2 years now, and despite the fact that my previous bike, a DK Fury, has served me well, it's purely a track bike, and it's geometry is far from ideal for street riding. This inadequacy coupled with the fact that my bike is my sole mode of transportation during the summer (over 5000 km ridden last year), I figure that this purchase would be an investment more than anything else.

  • Second up, the Rocketfish that I wanted to bad. It just so happened that DuckieHo had one for sale at the time when I was looking for, at a ridiculous price too. So without hesitating, I snatched it. Shipping was a tad expensive, but despite that, I still think it's a steal for a Lian-Li.

  • This isn't for me, it's for my friend who has an e6600 and is sick of the stock cooler. I've tried overclocking his system many times, but despite all I tried, the B3 is pumping out way too much heat to my tastes. So I ordered a TRUE for him, that aught to shut his trap.

  • My rig thingy below my posts has been showing "Duorb soon" sine January, and I haven't had the time nor the dough to make it happen. However, either my memory or shader core has started overheating and even small overclocks have started to stop working and giving red images, so I decided to upgrade the cooling. Besides, it's gonna look kick ass with my V1. Got it at a reasonable price from a member here, so that's cool.
  • I'm building a super-budget build out of used parts for a friend to replace his 2 ghz P4 AGP rig that he's using right now. A mid-power power supply is a tricky thing to find at a decent price usually, but I managed to buy an Enermax Liberty 620, which from what I read in reviews is more than decent, for a meager 50$. It'll be great for powering a single GPU C2D config based off a Blood Iron.
I'm pretty sure I ordered something else, but I forgot all about it.

Anyways, hang in there mailman, I'm broke now so it's going to be easy till the month of June!


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