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Thoughts About Being A Loner

well being here at my pc on ocn on a consistant basis... it gets depressing. i dont know, i can hang out with folks in rl but it gets annoying none of them knowing what your talking about internetwise/pc stuff wise. or even worse music wise.. which is hard to find blokes who like pestilence, kreator, duran duran, peter gaberial etc... im a minority of mexican decent... but even more when it comes to the interest... it makes it even worse, beacuase most of my decent here or in general age group are so off from what i enjoy, also because of where im at in the city and the part of town... all the pc places i have to go to are liek 20 mlies from here, so its not like i can go down there to do stuff. yeah yeah i know blah blah get someone to drive for you or learn to drive, but thats the thing... i cant afford mess ups or etc. so yea just gets ultra lonley here.


read it.. you have the time >_> :swearing:


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