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Thoughts On Upgrading

Sometimes I think it's a better idea to spend money on upgrades that give you a difference you can actually FEEL.

Benchmarks sure give bigger numbers and enlarge the e-penis, but in the end, is this going to give you any real-world noticeable difference?

For example, E8400 vs 8600. E8600 will OC probably an extra 0.3 - 0.4Ghz or so if you're lucky, but is this going to give you a noticeable difference? Are you going to lag at 4.2ghz but not lag at 4.5Ghz? Why not spend this extra $120 on a better graphics card for more graphics improvement that you can actually observe?

Another thing is watercooling. It looks awesome, is quieter, and of course, keeps your temperatures lower. But is it really worth it to spend $70+ on waterblocks and hundreds of watercooling kits? Frequently all our CPUs are limited by voltage before- take for example the 45nm series. Watercooling might enable a 5+Ghz overclock on your e8400 but probably with a ridiclous amount of voltage ripping through the poor wolfdale.

However, I think SSDs in a way are worth it over buying watercooling kits and i7 965s. You can FEEL your programs loading faster and SEE your windows startup really quickly. But if you spend that extra 1000 on a i7 965.. yeah, OC it 0.5 - 0.6Ghz more than your i7 920, but um, are you going to feel a difference between 4ghz and 4.4ghz? XD

And there is TWO 4870x2 in quadfire. In any multi-GPU setup the 3rd GPU usually contributes 10 - 15% to the overall preformance, with a lot of games not even supporting that many. The 4th GPU will contribute even less. Why spend this money on such a small improvement


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