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Time To Overclock

Oh, man I am trying to wait patiently for my Corasir XMS ram to come and my Arctic Cooler Freezer 7 Pro. hooo *goosebumps*. Anyway if you haven't met me in posts I am going for the Holy Grail of 3ghz for the Q6600 on my P5N-E SLI. I know, I know "its not worth it get a P5K or something with a P35 intel chipset." You won't believe how many times thats come up.

Well, I appreciate your advice, but sometimes you gotta face a challenge head on and so I do.

To prep for this OC weekend I am going to downgrade my BIOS from 0803 to 0608 which I have heard is the absolute best for overclocking. YES!! I am using the instructions provided by deddler in this post here .

Wish me good fortune, or I could seriously screw up. Here goes nothin....


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