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-September, 2009 - Computer built

-October, 2009 - Installed 4870, swapped to Antec EA650 PSU
(Video card buying: get a single card that maxes out games you play at your resolution at 75+FPS. No future proofing. Old tech is okay if cheap and still relevant.)

-February, 2010 - bought JVC RX700
(I still think this is an excellent bang for buck headphone, not much will beat its audio performance until you get to really high end equipment)

-March, 2010 - added Razer Goliathus mousepad
(It turns out that I really like having a large mousepad!

-April, 2010 - Started using Steam.

-June, 2010 - Learned about overclocking
(Find the upper end of the safe voltage limit (VID range) for the processor. Set that vcore and overclock as far as you can. Overnight Prime95 stability for all tests is fine.).

-July, 2010 - Upgrade to Asus 24" 1920 x 1080

-August, 2010 - Installed Mugen 2 + Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-14, overclock to 4ghz. Installed Windows 7, overclock to 4.3ghz
(The amount of CPU cooling needed is overrated in most cases. No real practical use of 38mm or dual fan push/pull IMO. Get the best bang for buck CPU cooler for the chip and feed the CPU fresh air with a close intake.)

-September, 2010 - Experimented with fan placement for cooling (side panel/mid-case positions).
(Both side panel and mid-case fans can help cool the GPU in both idle and stressed states, but take up space and definitely add noise. Optional.)

-October, 2010 - Discovered concept of quiet computing. Swapped to Seasonic X-650, removed HDD cages for improved airflow and less vibration. Placed HDD on foam at bottom of case. Reworked cable management.
(Foam, velcro are great vibration dampeners. Modular is almost a must for future builds. Quality, quiet PSU should always be a consideration, Seasonic was definitely impressive to me.)

-November, 2010 - Turned off 200mm top exhaust. Swapped all case fans to GTs. Added new case lighting.
Scythe Gentle Typhoon fans should be the go-to fan but are expensive, no need to worry about fan orientation and are quiet.)

-December, 2010 - Added Xonar DX. Blocked GPU airflow, swapped to Xonar D1 for PCI slot placement on MB.
(Sound card is not the most noticeable upgrade, but it does improve audio. Best bang for buck card is enough.)

-January, 2011 - Removed case lighting. Removed side panel fan. Rerouted fan cables behind MB panel. Might be as good as cable management will get on stock Antec 900. Reading up on mechanical keyboards. Received 4870 from RMA, small OC (but not stable, random BSOD).
(Case with good cable management is a must.)
(Case lighting is eh, but cathodes > LEDs, a window + cable management is what really makes for a good looking computer)

-February, 2011 - Bought Promedia 2.1 speakers. Revert to stock clocks for 4870.
(The Promedias are much better than my Cyber Acoustics. Maybe there's a reason behind expensive audio equipment!

-March, 2011 - Pre-ordered Leopold FC200RT/AB as first mechanical keyboard.

-April, 2011 - Received Leopold. Made impulsive mid-range headphone buy: Ultrasone PRO 550.
(Mechanical keyboards from now on. A much more superior product. Brown switches aren't too loud and feel marvelous, though I can see why some people feel they lack the 'wow' factor. I like the clack-iness with the browns. Tenkeyless form factor is much much nicer, I don't think I'll go back to full-size keyboards. This is to date the most noticeable thing I have bought.)
The PRO550 is a very good headphone, I needed to listen to it for a couple days before realizing how good it was. Anything higher than the $100-150 range for headphones requires more and more money for less gain. Probably a good range for my audio needs)

-August, 2011 - Started researching IPS panels and SSDs. Calibrated my TN panels.
(Definitely luxury high end upgrades at this point, but SSDs seem to be the noticeable upgrade. Calibration is not an eye-opening experience, but the colors on the monitors match much more closely now and it was slightly noticeable.)

-September, 2011 - Got some blank keycaps as a gift. Looking into engraved PBT keycaps for durability and good looks. Bought some PBT esc keycaps. Bought a new case on-sale Lian Li Lancool PC-K58
(Leopold spacebar compatibility is preventing me from buying engraved PBT immediately, so I definitely want a Filco as the next board for compatibility and to sate the curiosity for different stabilizers and Filcos. I still want a blue switch board and the reds seem very appealing as well.)
(The PC-K58 is a really good value, much roomier than my Antec 900, and understated in appearance aka not gamer like. I wanted the K62, but I really don't need extra fans or the black interior paint, so I'm glad I saved $50. I could just paint it myself if I really wanted to. I also like the simple window much more on this model than the K62. The hard drive cage was removed to improve airflow, the hard drive was placed on foam to reduce vibrations, and a GT AP-14 was installed as a top front intake for the CPU. Overall, my computer seems quieter, which is more noticeable when the GPU fan is turned up. This is probably due to the lack of a side vent for sound to leak out.)

-October, 2011 - Impulse bought Toshiba laptop. Engraved PBT keycaps were apparently shipped, might just end up paying for them. Acquired and cleaned a 1986 Model M from work. Bought a CM Storm with red switches from PCHome.
(Yay, a laptop! Haven't had one of these in a while)
(Ah, the elusive red switch keyboard. I'll keep saying it over and over again; the red switch is just a cleaner, smoother feeling brown switch. That's it! And yet, it feels very nice to both game and type on. I thought I wouldn't like linear switch for typing, but they're actually just fine. I don't feel like I miss the tactility of the browns yet, but we'll see in a few weeks how I feel about it. For now, I'm a fan of the red switch. I DEFINITELY like the Costar style stabilizers more than the Cherry style. It's subjective, but I know what I like or don't like.)


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