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To Do On Friday

I love how things all come together and need to get done all at once. Here are the things I would like to get done tomorrow (Friday):
  1. Take Dig. Signal Processing Test (done)
  2. See my advisor to get overloads on two courses (done)
  3. Call a company who has executives I know who want to hire me but can't get the recruiting dept. to actually call me. I will now attempt to call them. (done, but not able to contact them)
  4. Work something out with a person who hired me for web design and then for some reason got another designer to do it- essentially payment for my basically finished product hangs in the balance. (pending)
  5. Get a haircut (incomplete)
  6. Complete my computer engineering assignment to turn in by midnight (code didn't work, but turned it)
  7. Go to the Braves game (done)
  8. Have some fun with my roomates for the last time before exams (done)
  9. Catch up on sleep. This week has left me sluggish. (done)
  10. Watch one of the new free blu-rays that I got from the purchase of my PS3 (done, Full Metal Jacket)


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