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To The Bat Blog Brand Loyalty


December of 2010, I have sent in my GTX 480 for a GTX 580 via the step-up program from EVGA. On the 23rd of that very month, only two days before Christmas, it arrives at EVGA. They ship my GTX 580. Can you guess when I get it? That's right ladies (the few that are here) and gentlemen. It gets here the very next day, December 24th. That's overnight shipping! For how much? Wanna take a gander again? You would be wrong if you guessed anymore than what I originally paid for shipping. Shipping for everything was $7.05, even after they were kind enough to send me an early Christmas present.

HT|Omega? A similar story.
I tried overclocking one day (to no avail...) and a breaker was turned off by my parents. They were trying to fix something and didn't think anything of the power affecting my computer. I didn't either until after a few...restarts of a blue kind, I realized the settings I had for overclocking had stayed. All of this power starting and stopping affected the sound card and it died. I tried taking it out, restarting, and then putting it back in the PCI slot; nothing worked. I was able to contact HT|Omega. They asked that I go through a few things, such as cleaning the slot and the bottom of the card, to make sure it wasn't just dust or something that I had done to make it all stop working. When I came to the conclusion that it was completely dead I was able to tell HT, and the told me the address to send the card to. I sent the card back and without paying for anything except shipping (only to HT), I got a new sound card.

If I ever recommend these companies or certain cards, these are the reasons why. These companies love their customers enough that they will ship overnight for no extra charge, and give you a new card if something goes wrong. This is why people hang on to certain brands, even if they start to go down the drain. They either know that somehow there is a product that can come out of the company they love, or at least they hope for it.

I'm not a fangirl for saying, "Get nVidia," or "Your headset will sound better with a sound card." I'm simply loyal to those with great products, and even better customer service.


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