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Trials And Tribulations

Cthulhu is being a pig. It started a month ago with Photoshop CS4 disappearing from the "open with" menu. Then the new Win 7 Service Pack wouldn't install. Once that failed I couldn't install or uninstall programs. Tried a system restore. Still cant install or uninstall, but now Photoshop has the amtlib.dll error and wont open. Then Drive E disappeared from the drive tree. The one I hadn't backed up with all my graphic artwork for the last eight years on it. Took me two hours to get Windows 7 to see it again.

Promptly bought a fifth HDD and backed it up.

I'm a thousand kilometres away from my install disks, selling off my father's household effects prior to settlement of house sale. Dad isn't dead, just gone into a rest home that want a $300,000 bond. He's 88, not out.

Going home Sunday. Reinstall everything.

I miss my Photoshop.


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Overclock.net › Member Blogs › Trials And Tribulations