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Troubles At The Border

Yesterday (Saturday) I went on a Rod Roy ski trip (A program that you get on a coach bus every Saturday and go to different hills within 3 hours away) and we went to Jay Peak just in Vermont. Well once we got to the border everyone pulled out their ID and got ready to show the boarder guard who would be boarding the bus.
When 3 guards came on the bus we were slightly phased but didn't really think much of it. They immediately came to the back and checked the washroom as usual. One girl giggled for some reason and they immediately ordered everyone off the bus and we had to stand outside while they ran drug dogs through the bus.
Once we got back on the bus they started scanning for radiation! One guy for some reason had slight traces of radiation in his jaw (Supposedly you get that from surgery) and he was immediately pulled off the bus.
Everyone else checked out fine but this one guy had to call his parents from the border 2 and a half hours away and wait for them to come pick him up and sign release papers.

I don't want to point fingers at anyone but how come the U.S. have been becoming so jumpy on their neighbor and friend the Canadians?

I felt like they didn't trust us and that we were all guilty for NOT being American...

Just thought I would keep my blog alive and give you a short story of my weekend



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