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Trying To Run Sims 3 On An Old A Socket

Where to start... I am very new to this, but in a weeks time i have learned enough to be very dangerous, mostly to the computers around me. My son got sim3 for xmas which wont run on anything we have in the house (1 OLD COMPAQ, DELL 8500, crappy WINBOOK and the wife's Mac which is almost as old as my 13 year old son. My only hope for his mental well being is to try to upgrade the Compaq enough to run it. Buying a new system is not an option, although building one after I finish tinkering with this one is looking promising.

I need to get to these specs:
2.0 GHz processor, 1GB Ram, 128k GPU w/pixel shader 2.0. Those are the minimum specs to run sims 3 on XP.

I think the processor can get up to 2 GHz and already have the ram necessary. My concern is the graphics card. I have already purchased a Power Color HD 3650 AGP card 512MB 64bit DDR2 (overkill?). After it arrived I realized my factory standard 250 watt PSU could not support it so I am waiting for an Antec BP430 ATX12V. Since I plan to experiment in OC I also ordered:
Sythe Gentle Typhoon 92 mm case fan
Dynaton Bh-610/C61G cpu fan/heat sink
Evercool SB-F1 PCI slot case cooler
& som 8" y splitters just in case.
I am $196 into this project including shipping & tax.
Yeah, you are probably thinking what an idiot, but this is my first time and I figure you can't have too many coolers. Kind of like insurance, or in my case a little more confidence and peice of mind.

And, i still have no idea on how to start the OC of my CPU process. Hopefully my systems specs will show up at the bottom of this post. If not, I will post them seperate. Any positive and encouraging suggestions from the experts? I figure if this doesn't work I will have some decent parts to build my own.


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