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Turd For Great Justice

So the Turd smilie [err... smily?] has been gone for some time now and I since I used it just once I don't have a personal stake in, or even a slight affinity towards it's defense. But I still feel like blogging today, so this is it. It seems that the Turd smilie [henceforth to be written here as just :Turd] was removed because people were using it in place of the dreaded "S-WORD!".

1: I wonder why OCN didn't see this possibility in the first place.

2: At the same time I wonder how they observed a even a single case of this after the fact.

The more taboo a thing is considered, the more words there are for it. [How many words are there for a woman's breasts?] So here we sit with :Turd removed because it can be used as the "S-WORD!" and that would be bad.

...I can still use the word "crap" though.

"That mobo is crap"
"My case's airflow is crap."
"Can I use crap as TMP?"

So :Turd can represent the "S-WORD!", but it can mean "crap" as well.

...and how do you tell the difference?

1 - Bull "S-WORD!" = Bad.

2 - Bull "crap" = OK

Same idea, different words.

So what about :Turd? Which of the above would be "Bull-:Turd"? It could really be either one, but that final decision on which one it actually is would be the reader's use and not the writer's. Basically OCN removed :Turd because the powers that be at OCN have immature dirty minds and couldn't control their impulse to think like 3rd graders. Had they been thinking "crap" when they saw :Turd, they never would have seen a single instance of the "S-WORD!".

Whether or not :Turd make a return, the issue of why it is gone is not correctly attributed if you the fault the use of it. It was used just fine.

[PS: No you can't use crap for TMP, it stinks as a TMP]


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