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Tweaks And Changes

i have a stock packard bell 1919 iextreme machine that i want more from. would like to use it for music and video editing.
1. i'm planning to upgrade my RAM to the 4Gb max and wanted to know what else i could tweak and upgrade to get the most from my system.

2. i also have tried to clean my system as much as posible following a few system restores in the past. however this has left me with a slow boot up time (feels like forever, 2-3 minutes) and when idle (no programs open) i have up to 63 processes running.

3. i have a basic setup with no major background programs (the usual antivirus, printer etc. yet my machines' 1Gb RAM drops to about 540Mb free RAM before i do anything. what could be causing this? what tweaks can i do to spruce up my performance?


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