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Ubis Drm Update

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Hopefully this is the right section, but I wanted to warn everybody about this. I came across a copy of a game (Silent Hunter 5) that isn't supposed to be released until March 4th.

Some people asked me to test out how bad the DRM was, so I tried it out and took some screenshots. The results disturbed me so much that I felt the need to post them here as well.

Ok first off, I was asked to test what happens when the game loses it's internet connection. I fired up the game, and went to try my usual method of simulating connection loss by disabling the internet adapter. I got the following message:

As you can see, I was not being allowed access to disable the internet connection. As I am the administrator and sole user of this machine, I found it a bit odd to say the least. So, I shut the program down and tried to disable my connection. The connection disabled perfectly fine.

So, Ubi's DRM is denying me access to my own computer hardware when it is in use? To be honest, if I knew that I wouldn't have bought the damn game. I'm not speaking out against DRM or anything, but has anyone else experienced anything like this? No other program (like steam, which is running in both screenshots) has EVER denied me access to a setting on my machine.

If you are considering purchasing an Ubisoft game in the near future, I would be aware of this. It was definetly a game breaker for me.

P.S. Keep in mind, this is a warning and hopefully someone else will be able to confirm my findings. I'm not trying to start a piracy vs DRM war.

edit: Crap, swear filter doesn't like my screenshot names , I'll fix in one minute.

Wait, what? Now they think we can't control our own hardware?!

WHAT THE :swearing:?!

NO! BAD UBISOFT! BAD! Seriously, where do you get off, as a developer, telling us what we can and can't do with our own god damned hardware?

Ubisoft, I hope every single executive in your company dies in a not-so-tragic private jet crash. Try to make sure the wreckage hits the RIAA headquarters while you're at it.


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