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Unsightly Turn Of Events

Since transferring schools things have changed a bit.. I have a job taking up the rest of my time that I'm not in school and game a bit late nite and weekends after homework is done.. I'm enjoying a quiet life at home for now.. hopefully Ill get more free time next semester.

Lately things have been good getting a job and keeping myself busy seems to have organized myself a bit, I value time a bit better now but run low on sleep often which doesn't make me too happy but things are steady as she goes

Looking forward to a very rest-ful vacation soon.. Hoping I do well enough in my classes to make it to next semester again Whatever, if I drop out, I can survive paycheck to paycheck for a couple years, get certified in something, and go have fun with it from there... Honestly I am rather tired of school and doubt I will last 4 years (I will try but if I make it, I will be shocked myself).

Here is to hoping for the best


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