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Update 03 29 2008

DoubleMark has received another graphic to add to its file (and file size.)


New graphic is by ThePope this time instead of myself and i must say has the classical programmer feel to it with blocky text. The C# green and C# at the end that represent the CH in Licht for l33t speak. Reminds me of the old DOS days for programmers where you had to be a pro to get anything done. Same time represents all DoubleMark sets out to prove (which i try to promote C# among my peers.)

Looking like build 3 won't get pi calculation, i overestimated the staggering amount of work i will need to put into this to get it to work, it really is a challenge.

Sorry for the delays in build 3 but the new prime number calculation algorithm is extremely difficult to multi-thread. I'm consulting other programmers for assistance with my code.

New algorithm uses nothing but integers, efficiency beyond that of build 1 (most common complaint on other forums was that build 2 couldn't touch the single core efficiency of build 1.) A full explanation of how it works is available on request, the algorithm in single thread (perfectly working) can be found in the DoubleMark topic.


Also included, a screenshot of the unfinished build in action.



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