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Upgrading And Case Modding

Well, I finally thought it were time to do some upgrading - and then thought I'd try to do some light case modding as well! This will be my first attemt to modify a case, so I'm a bit sceptical about how the result will be. But guess I'll just have to wait and see!

A little while ago my last watercooling setup crapped out on me. For somewhat reason the coolant had started to get thicker, and it solidified completely within my external radiator/tank/pump and I judged it for dead as I did not see any reason to pick it all appart. Why this happened I still don't know. Perhaps some **** left in the loop after I changed the coolant about half a year ago? Anyhow... this made it so I dropped out of watercooling for a while, got a CoolerMaster V8 fan for the CPU, and went back to stock for the rest of the components.

Soooo.... for my upgrade I've bought in new watercoolin equipment, and this time I will do it all from the very scratch, instead of buying it mostly finished. I'll get back with a detailed list of the components when I get home later tonight!

For the casemodding I'm going to spraypaint my case. Right now it's black aluminium. I'm still going with black as the base color, althou I'm going for a more shiney look this time then what I have. I will also include some logos in either green or blue color. But I'm desiding a bit as I go.
I've already started. So pictures will be added soon!

Get back to you later this evening with pics and info!!


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