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Remember when vBulletin license holders were suggesting this feature years ago. I was an early advocate of this format, because blogging put content on top, where in the forum format the threads can lose it's direction usually after the 20th post. Threads usually diverge overtime, and nothing short of moderators putting their foot down can keep them on their course (and what forum member likes too excessive control??).

So it was to my surprise vBulletin released it. I was disappointed that it wasn't a stand-alone product (e.g., to compete with Wordpress and other blog software). Which forces vBulletin license holders to still maintain a forum (as everything shares the same database). As you can see it is a forum "plugin".

But that aside, the blog format gives members a better chance to just talk about things in their lives that really don't follow the flow of the forum itself (posting in an Off-Topic forum your thread will be buried under what is truly Off-Topic).

So with that, I start this vBlog, and will discuss things related to hardware and software.



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