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Very Exciting Time As A Computer User

Well, with my rig getting closer and closer to major complement, I'm getting more and more excited about finishing it. As you can see from my avatar.

I just purchased a one of a kind 5870, waterblock, and modded GPU to add to the loop, and I only have small mods to do to patch the case up... (front panel mesh and paint, new rad fans, cpu water block lapp and small flowrate mod.) I should have this coming together by next weekend, 4-3-2010 to 4-5-2010. Fun fun.

Turns out the waterblock US2 made for me is VERY restrictive. I'm gonna have to drain loop and mod the middle layer acrylic, probably after I lapp the whole thing. This is like a whole day process. The 5870 is on the way, but I'm gonna wait til the day I drain this b**** to install it. No reason to do block today like planned, just to drain again Sat or Sun when I'm splicing the toob to include the GPU, lol.

Good thing is, by the time anyone happens to read this fumbling around through blogs, I will have had the GPU installed for like 2-4 weeks, and the block will be keeping this phII at 4ghz+ at 49C load, 1.55vcore... I HOPE! This blok has POTENTIAL LOL!

I wish more ppl seen my worklog.


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