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It's just awesome... My Dad works with them at his profession (software engineer at Hormel Foods) and he set up a Type 1 HyperVisor at his house. He started out basically at the same level as I did.

Only one I was used to using was VMware which is a type 2 hypervisor. Runs off the host operating system, Windows or whatever, but the one that he uses at work and home is called XenServer by Citrix. (Did you know that they created RDP for Microsoft?) Which is a baremetal, and type 1 like I stated earlier.

In the way they use it at Hormel Foods it is very efficient. The data center used to be full of hot servers, hundreds of them. But now that they have switched over to VM's they are basically eliminating 2/3 of the servers for the entire company. Speaking of servers, you should see the ones they have running the XenServer. Quad-Quad core Xenon (i7's) with like 100's of GB's of ram and TB's of disk space... It's pretty impressive. I've gotten the privilege of seeing the data center many times.

There is so much to learn about Virtualization and I'm just getting my feet wet. I see a bright future ahead for this service.


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