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Vista Up And Running

Well, I said a few days, but it took a few weeks. Better late than never I guess. I finally got the time to install Windows Vista Ultimate, but no real first impression yet. As I type this it is dowloading its first updates, so I'll reserve judgement for a later time.

Installation was a little rocky, due to my not using my head for something other than a hat rack. I forgot to disconnect my primary hard drive that has linux and xp on it. So, I've had to reinstall, fix the bootloader on xp, and reinstall and reconfigure grub.

If you're wondering why all of that, well, I'm running a triple-boot setup with XP MCE, Vista Ultimate, and Debian 4.0. Xp and Debian are on one hard disk, while Vista is installed on another.

Everything is running smoothly now, and the Vista installation was super easy. I do like the taskbar, and the option to hide all desktop icons(bye bye recycle bin). I've added a wallpaper from digitalblasphemy.com, and my desktop is super clean(for once).

Now I'm off to install drivers and get this beast up and running the way I want.



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