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W T H Is Wrong With Her

I know this is not the place to vent, however if i posted anything on face book every one would know. Seeing as no one here knows me ill vent.
Yesterday i went to brunch at a place in dallas. me and friends met up than went to another place. at the other place all thefriends decided it was a good time to get completely hammered. I have no problem with drink but i have the gift of stopping. Me and buddy decided to leave to go somewhere else. next this i know my friends girlfriend calls me and crying ask me to come pick her up since he just dumped her.
I went to get her and the stupid girl decides to beat the crap out of the back seat of the car punchs windows then tells us she is going ot kill her self. W.T.F. so we calm her down and get one of her friends to come get her.
Me and buddy make it back to our house and she starts to call every five minutes. Now i like to help people but come on this is crazy. I talked to her and told her i was going ot bed since i have to work today.
In all of her greatness she decides to blow up my phone all night until i turned it off.
Her boyfriend calls me today and says they did not break up and all sorts of other stuff.
I told him to Break it off with the psyco before he ends up in tiny little chopped up peices. He says im being an a-hole and to stay out of it.

So i decided to stay out of it today. the bad part is that the girl i want to hook up with date is the crazy girls best friend. she seen all of the crazy stuff happens and most likely thinks we are all crazy know.


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