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Waiting With A Bit Of Waiting Some More

ATI's Radeon 3870x2 is out, and it looks very nice, and now so is the 9800 GX2, which also looks very nice. EK has a waterblock out for the 3870, but the only GX2 waterblock out (that I can find) is aluminum. Neither card have really been put through head to head CrossFireX vs SLI benches, which is another thing I'm waiting for. That, of course, is waiting on drivers. Wait wait wait... waiting.... Just you wait, Waity Waiterson... zzzz

In the meantime, the 790i is hitting the stores, and I feel a big bag of "meh" about it. DDR3 doesn't seem to provide a tangible performance benefit, and 790i doesn't yet support Nvidia's Hybrid Power, so ah ... why would I pay for a 790i? Oh yes, future proofing. Meh.

After a lot of soul searching I am fairly certain I will need dual radiators, which is pushing me towards Mountain Mods. The CYO build looks nice; it lets you pick and choose panels you want. I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to avoid a front-facing radiator, say one to the back and one out the side or the top. After a few hours messing around in Google Sketchup, I'm fairly flummoxed on how to make that happen. I'd really prefer to have the front bring air in only. I dunno, maybe I should get the Mountain Mods now and be done with it. At a later point I can get a smaller case and build an external cooling box, if I get comfortable with that kind of black art.

Even with dual radiators and pumps, I still feel like a single loop will work well. I really don't understand the popular notion that dual loops are better. Presuming I have high enough flow rate and big enough rads, why not put the loop through a Y, into the pumps, then join back into the loop with another Y? Yes, running in series is not as optimum as running them in parallel, but given the above presumptions it seems like this provides a nice redundancy if one pump goes down. At least you can run on idle until your new pump comes in. Also it astounds me how many people don't buy into the notion of temperature equilibrium in the loop. It all evens out, so loop order is not all that important as long as the pumps follow the reservoir. Well, I'll find out soon enough if this is true, and then I can post my findings rather than joining in speculation.


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