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Wanted Your Help

Dear Amazingly Awesome Person Who Is Reading This,

Without a doubt you have no idea who i am. You've no idea what i look like, my personality, my likes and dislikes, what i do on a daily basis, and why i prefer waffles to pancakes any day of the week.

Let me catch you up a bit...
  • My name is Travis
  • I am male (if the name didn't give it away)
  • I am 24
  • I have been in college since 2003
  • I work at Starbucks part-time

now you know me as well as i feel like i know myself right now...

I am writing you in a desperate attempt to figure out what exactly i am doing with my life. Because, you see, there seems to be a pattern to what i am doing in college. Here is a list of majors that i've had in chronological order:
  • Computer Networking Professional
  • Photography
  • Psychology
  • Architecture
  • Graphic Design -currently...
  • Computer Science/Computer Engineer -can't decide between the two...

As you can very well see, I've put myself a little bit of everywhere. However, i've grown weary of the uncertainty of what i'm doing. I've always loved school, and i've relished the experiences of taking all sorts of classes, but nothing seems to strike me as "what i want to do with my life."

You see, i'm starting to feel rather hopeless...

I've never wanted to drop out of school, but i feel no motivation to continue, even though i know it is the right thing to do. So, I implore you to take a moment of your time to share your advice and any experiences of your own.

i need something else besides video games to make me feel happy/good at something...

Maybe you can be that person to lift me up out of my rut.

Thank you,


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