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Water Flowing Smoothly

Well, shortly after that last bit happened with the watercooling problem I went and cleaned the whole thing out. Scrubbed the blocks in and out, rinced the Rad for a good 2hours

Took my Res, connected it to my pump, and into a bucket, then from the bucket back to the pump.
put distilled water filled the rad and lines, and then put about a cup of vinegar in.
every 15-20mins I took MOST of the bucket of water out of the system, then filled the bucket back up with fresh water. did that until there was no smell of vinegar left in the system, then let it run for another hour, emptied it out, and I was finished.

I did all that while I was working on cleaning my system.

after that it was just a matter of putting it all back together, this time I made Double sure that the MB block was pressed firmly against all the chips.

Solved both problems at once, the over heating with the northbridge, and the Gunk that was in the system.
Turns out that it was the Gold/Nickle plating that was on the inside of the blocks that was floating around.
I will have to remember to post some pictures up that I took of the process. Christmas and gaming and overclocking and all, haven't even been paying attention to my folding farm at all


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