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Welcome To The Machine A Music Rant

Im not "old" but im an oldie.

that said, i dont listen to much modern music, i used to, when i was in my mid to late teens i woudl listen to alot of "heavy metal/hardcore" then one day it simply died for me.

then i found my old love, Pink Floyd. and the beatles, NEU, Zepplin, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Queen, Paul Rogers, Doors, Eagles, man just basically anything i could let the tunes just chill with.

and i admit, sometimes i turn on the old FM radio while im driving, and man does alot of the new music sound so Mechanical. So Fake, so just utterly not there. Like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, why is there such a heavy amount of Synth in all of there songs? It honestly seems like none of them can sing for there career.
A quick youtube search proved this right.

I dont listen to just the oldies, ill admit ive gone through some phases, like last year was a heavy aerosmith year (not new i know) and this year its been Trews/rise againts

But man, wheres the soul in this stuff? wheres the non commercial feel i want in something new.

Music to me needs to have SOUL, (and please odnt tell me lady gaga has SOUL in here music, i mean REAL SOUL, SOUL music) i dont care if LG thinks she is making good music, i am sure it has meaning, and alot of people like it, but man, wheres the SOUL? wheres the soul in last friday night? or poker face or anything similar to that stuff.

im just not feeling it, im just not feeling it man.


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