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Well One More Part Needed For My First Build

So I started my first computer build ever back last year on Black Friday. It all began with buying my Antec 900 for $60 and the EP45-UD3R for $104 off of newegg at that time.

I then ended up getting my memory for christmas, and i took a 180GB HDD out of my dads old computer that is no longer in use.

I then bought the Asus 7200GS from nitteo for $10 when he was having a sale of old cards of his. I figured i'd get that so I can at least run the thing since the mobo has no onboard.

Since then it has been a several month hiatus on building it due to most of my paychecks going to college. I only get 20% of each of em which really blows since I also need to pay for other things as well such as my crapfone tracfone which really I probably spent so much on considering i text a lot that could have gone to pc building.

But I'm getting a new phone with unlimited texting so I'll be set getting back into building this and then upgrading it.

I have ordered the optical drive an LG Sata DvD burner. So now all I need is the CPU.

How do I know everything works? I borrowed a friends old optical drive and a spare cpu to make sure it all worked for a bit before returning em since he still wanted them.

Anyway, all thats left as I have said before is the CPU which I plan on going with a Pentium Dual-Core E5200 which I plan to OverClock as much as I can after I order an ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro 92mm CPU Cooler and whatnot.

Yes, I plan on staying air cooled.

Once I switch my phone plans and have this pc up and running I will slowly upgrade the various components until I am satisfied, though right now I don't desire anything more then getting it going.


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