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Weve Come A Long Way

I just picked up my June '04 PC World and thought I would thumb through it. I've always liked PCW and this is just a new and abstract reason to still like them.

Time capsule in print.

Not even 10 pages in there is a Newegg adverticement. 2 pager actually. Remember the Athlon 64s'? I do. I couldn't even afford to buy the top end CPU, so I had to dream and just wait for it to come down in price. But then BAM! We got Phenom. So yet again I waited. Which led to Phenom II(knee jerk wait moment welling up inside, though I can afford the 965 if I wanted it) and this year the Thuban is probably going to drop in June.

But that's not what I'm on about. Nope. It's price. Athlon 64 3400+ in Jun of '04 was $416. Today if you go to the same site a 965 Deneb AM3 chip is $189 or less. That's almost $250 less than its predecessor processor.

A Seagate 80g drive? $74. Today you can get a TB drive for around the same price. My Hitachi Deskstar cost me $75. TB (EASILY) > 80g. Runs circles around it and does a tap dance on it's headstone.

Everything is getting more and more affordable and this dude is like a kid abandoned all night in a sweet shoppe after closing.



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