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What A Month

MS-40 speakers -> MS-20
DVB decoder -> Same
HTC s740 phone (twice!)
HD 4850 -> GTS 250 for dad

Samsung SGH-F700V phone -> ?
G9 mouse -> G9 mouse?

Gave my dad a couple of routers I was using so he could use them at his office and we'll have a single one at home. Hopefully the network is more stable now.
I also managed to ruin 3 partitions, a windows installation, a linux one as well us 350GB of other data. I'm almost done recovering files and I'm mirroring them now so I can make a new linux installation. Posting this from a ramdisk.

In other news, I was informed today that a great person I knew passed away about a week ago. He was a very respectable person in the local astronomy community; always joyful and kind to everyone. I was told dozens of people attended his funeral.
May he rest in peace.

These news made all my problems seem so small all of a sudden. Maybe us IT people do end up spending our lives solving problems we create ourselves.


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