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What Are Your Fears

mine are simple.
and rejection.

i think out of all of those my biggest ones are heights and rejection. my fear of heights is so extreme that i won't even climb a ladder or whenever i go to any sort of amusement park, i won't go on any rides at all... all i do is walk around and i am automatically the "personal belongings holder" for when the people i go with decide to go on a roller coaster or something. i am pretty boring i guess you could say.

my other fear of rejection is pretty deep i guess. i can't really even explain where it comes from. i hate asking people for things. even simple things because i fear they will say no to me. i've been this way for as long as i can remember, i used to be afraid to ask my sister if i could borrow one of her skirts to wear to school...i used to be afraid to ask my parents for anything really. i think maybe deep in my mind i thought that asking for things was kind of a sign of weakness. but now i am an adult and i still have this fear, along with the thought that whenever i ask someone for something i am automatically inconveniencing them somehow. it gets pretty old and it makes me feel socially inadequate..which i guess i really am because i tend to avoid most social situations. but anyways, this fear stands in the way of plenty of things and it sucks because i have no idea how to rid myself of it...anddddddddddd i honestly have no idea where i am going with any of this.

what are your fears?


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